I began a short fiery character whilst my brother was the calm one. I would slam doors, pout my lip, stomp and stamp my foot and shout “It is not FAIR.” This belief that life should be fair has prevailed, hence deciding to pursue a Sustainable Design course, as the focus on empathy, sustainability, and creativity proved irresistible. 

I started my career working as a PA and translator/editor, and have worked in a diverse range of industries. I am bilingual, hard-working and enthusiastic with a keen eye for detail.

I have a BA Hons in French and History of Art from Leeds University.

Having lived and worked in different countries and environments, I adapt easily and enjoy a new challenge.

My final year dissertation and project are focused on addressing the refugee crisis and textile waste, two subjects which need long term solutions, and which I am passionate about.

I then embarked on a 6 month internship; green buildings and communities with Planet 2030, working on projects in Russia, promoting One Planet Living principles.

In my spare time I work as a photographer, interpreter, and pursue numerous sports including ice-skating, touch-rugby, swimming, hiking, and skiing. I also enjoy reading, travelling, and exploring. 

Due to graduate in April 2019 with an MA in Sustainable Design;

 I am currently seeking new opportunities.

Actively seeking a Sustainable Design job, available APRIL 2019
PORTFOLIO: Sustainable Designer
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Contact - Catherine Hunter

Telephone: +33 6 37 61 68 35 • Email: catsblot@gmail.com