Ioannina, Greece

1 200

Refugees in the region

Dates: April 2017

Volunteer: NGO

Total Duration: 10 days

Number: 1 200 refugees in the region

Origin: 3 main nationalities: Syrians, Afghans, and Kurds

Sorting and giving out donations

Military Base; Old music school

Baby Kits, Clothing, & Optics (eye tests and glasses)

Aim : To give each person a choice from 6 items per selection: Trousers, leggings, short sleeved tops, long –sleeved tops, dresses / 2 pairs of socks & pants / 1 accessory e.g. headscarf 

When donating, please think about the end receiver. Thousands of inappropriate items are shipped across the world, which can be humiliating for the end receiver.

If you wish to help, please contact: CalAid

Grassroots Charity