Unaccompanied Minors Centre, Nice


At 18 they are put back onto the street

Dates: 11/2017 - 01/2018

Number: 36 boys in one 'home'

Origin: Guinea (1/3), Bangladesh (1/3), and the remaining third a mixture with a majority of Albanians

Aged 15-18


The boys need internships, clothing and books (mostly beginner's French & English spoken).

Many of the boys are still in flip-flops and are cold, and they want to go to school.

The drawing above is a young Afghan's school. He is 15, and it has taken him two years to reach Nice.


If you wish to help: Tous Citoyen (solidarity organisation)

Helping those who arrive in the region, a charity specifically for the minors is currently being created.

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More unaccompanied minors than in 2010