Most Polluting Industry

Clothing Waste:

25% Incineration

57% Landfill

8% Reuse

10% Recycling

What is your favourite item of clothing and why? 

(Interpret this question as you wish)

I asked this question to a number of people, and received a diverse mixture of answers: They all included a sense of identity, a feeling, a texture, comfort, elegance, a story, pride, belonging, or a rebellion.

Clotho: Greek klothein, ‘to draw thread,’ ‘to spin’

One of the three Fates in classic mythology. She presided over birth and drew from her distaff the thread of life. 

The ‘thread of life’ is a beautiful and pertinent image. Thread makes up our clothes and our clothes are part of our history on a cultural and personal level.

My dissertation analyses what consumerism is, the culture, history, design and perception of our sartorial choices, and includes a few examples of textile innovation, material selection, and an overview of the textile ecosystem, and how donations are given out and received.